Monday, June 15, 2015

Memories Unlimited coz its Monsoon Time

So after suffering from serious scorching heat since last three to four months, finally Monsoon has hit Mumbai. Monsoon for Mumbai in simple words can be described as “Love it or Hate it but you Need it”. If you are a Mumbaikar, where travelling by public transport is an integral part of your daily routine, than this season of monsoon can pose a serious challenge for you. Most of the trains run late, road transport is affected because of water clogging so reaching your office in time can be quite a task. Another serious issue is mud pools or puddles which makes walking on road a torture.

                In spite of all this trouble and difficulties, month of monsoon or Rainy Season is one of the most awaited & enjoyed season in Mumbai. For children it’s the season to get drenched in the rain, show-off their new Rain wear, make Paper-Boats, bunk school at times because of heavy rain. For youngsters, Monsoon is the season to enjoy their romantic life to the fullest, play a game of football under heavy rain, have those weekend parties with their favourite drink at a nearby Resort. If you like travelling and are fond of nature, then visiting places like Khandala, Bhivpuri, Malshej Ghat during rains can be a visual treat for you.

                For foodies, season of monsoon offers you some nice dishes to enjoy! ‘Kandabhaji’ – a famous Maharashtrian delicacy tastes best during rains. Try it once if you have never tried it.  ‘Kandabhaji’ is available at most of the roadside food stalls in Mumbai. Another food-item which makes a regular appearance during Monsoon is Charcoal Roasted Corn’. “Makka” or “Butta” as it is called in Mumbai is the famous street food during monsoons. Roasted Corn is good for your health, so you do not have to worry about calories while indulging in this roadside delight of Mumbai during rains. 

                If you are having a weekend off and it’s raining heavily, the best thing to do at times is to quietly listen to the serene & tranquil sound of raindrops. This can be one of the ideal ways to ease away your stress. So with lots of memories, the beautiful and the most important season of monsoon has just arrived in Mumbai. Let’s pray to God for a sufficient monsoon all over India to overcome the problem of water scarcity around country.  

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