Thursday, April 9, 2015

Primetime, Marathi Movies & Shobha De

With Maharashtra State Government making it mandatory for multiplex owners to screen Marathi movies at Primetime, the decision has caused premature whining from lots of Bollywood & Page 3 personalities. Plenty of discussions & debates are going on the issue especially on Social Media. Decision has been welcomed by all Maharashtrians in general except few Uncle and Aunties who try to act differently to create their unique identity at all times.

                Mahesh Bhatt, Mukesh Bhatt lead this so called Anti-Marathi brigade and are joined by Mr. Perfectionist Aamir Khan and our own “Marathi Mulgi” Shobha De. Mumbai, being a capital of Maharashtra, I don’t think there should be anyone opposing this decision & those who are doing it should rightly called Anti-Marathi. For all Khans, Kapoors, Khannas of Bollywood let me remind them one thing that it was “Marathi Manoos”  Shri. Dada Saheb Phalke who started the movement of Cinema in India in real sense.

                 Since last decade quality of Marathi movies has improved a lot. Movies like Dombivali Fast, Me Shivaji Raje Bhosale Boltoy, Aga Bai Arrecha & Timepass can easily give competition to any Bollywood movie. “Shwas” , a Marathi film released in 2004 was India’s official entry to the 2004 “Oscars” & was ranked 6th in the Academy Award for Best Foreign Film Category. With Current shit made in Bollywood most of the Multiplex Screens are not even 30% full during Primetime.

Finally coming back to topic of Shobha Aunty i.e. Shobha De who really has a good command over English language during most times makes misuse of her words especially on Social Media Platforms. After Primetime slot for Marathi movies was announced Shobha Aunty was at her best criticising the decision on Twitter (For what she wrote, kindly check her Twitter Handle). Intoxicated by Page 3 Culture Shobha Aunty not only criticised Marathi movies but also Marathi Culture. ShivSena today rightly protested outside her house as this people should learn to respect the culture of the state where they live.
 I am not defending all Marathi movies made because even today high percent of Marathi movies are ordinary, leave along going to Theatre you cannot even watch it on TV. So with Primetime slot allocated to Marathi movies by State Govt.  it’s now responsibility of Marathi filmmakers to make quality Marathi movies which people  can watch at Theatres. Just as I am on verge of completing the blog I just saw this Tweet

#Breaking Maha govt relaxes prime time diktat, says Marathi films can be screened on any 1 screen in multiplexes any time between 12pm - 9pm

But still I hope that #AcheDin comes for Marathi Cinema 

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